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I give up!

Guest Sailor

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Full error message:

"Unable to deliver message to: <sales@invisionpower.com>
Delivery failed for the following reason:
Server mail.invisionpower.com failed with: 451 Could not complete sender verify callout

This has been a temporary failure. We will attempt to deliver this message every 2 hours until it succeeds or the message becomes older than 5 days."

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Ok, I was just curious about the error message. Technical difficulties can happen to everyone though, perhaps it's not been dealt with sooner because the week-end's started.

The mails started being returned way before the weekend started.
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  • Management

Not really sure what is causing the error you are receiving. I just tested it using my IPS and my personal Yahoo.com email account and the email went through fine. I also asked a few other people outside IPS to test and the emails came through properly.

If all else fails, you can certainly email me at the address in my signature or phone us Monday.

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