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Optionally don't show some profile info in post view for when view

Guest matthiaspaul

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[EDIT: The title was truncated and should read:

"Optionally don't show some profile info in post view for when viewing profile info in member profile is disallowed in a particular context"
"Current behaviour is a potential privacy issue..."]

Hi all.

Brandon asked me to repost this as a feature suggestion rather than as a problem report (as I did here Privacy issue: Even when guests are disallowed to view user profiles, profile info is still displayed in post view)

So, well, here it is:

For privacy reasons, we disallow guests and not logged-in-members to view any member profiles in our forum. However, some of the profile info is still shown in the "mini profile" on the left side of the posts.

Here is a quick solution how to disable this, however, if there is a rational to show this in posts (I cannot think of any right now), I think, the real solution should be an ACP configuration option to fine tune this behaviour.

Look & Feel->Skin & Templates->Skin Manager->IPB 2.2.0->Edit Template HTML->Topic View->renderrow

<!-- Maintain privacy and don't display personal info when not logged in. Show user ID only to staff members. -->
<if="$this->ipsclass->member['is_mod'] == 1">
                {$author['member_number']}<br />
                <if="$author['custom_fields'] != """>
                <br />
                {$author['warn_text']} {$author['warn_minus']}{$author['warn_img']}{$author['warn_add']}



[EDIT: Yet another suggestion: Don't allow to enter titles longer than actually displayable in the forum... ;->]

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