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suggestion: 1. css file, 2. Links inclusion in core

Guest dave404

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1. CSS file. Is there a significant reason that there are multiple css files? I don't mind that you have a separate css_rts.css file for the RTE-post-topic stuff, but the text color for the rte popup menu (for the custom bbcodes, e.g. Insert Spoiler, Insert Codebox, etc.) should be in there as well. As it stands now, part of the text colors are in jscripts/folder_rte_files/rte_popup.css and module_bbcodeloader.php. That makes those colors global, rather than skin-specific. I'm not sure what your thinking was on that, but I'd prefer those colors to be part of the skin css.

2. Include bfarber's Links mod as part of the core download (with a toggle on/toggle off functionality, of course).

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