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IPB 2.2 - thoughts?

Guest Irish Cowboy

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sorry to flood the place with like the 100th topic on this, just wondering....what's everyone make of the new version? what do you like best, any bugs, etc?

Im sitting on 2.1.7 for a bit longer until there's more skins, cause im picky. But i do like what ive read on making it harde ron spammers, built-in spoiler tags, and other such options. and whats this about a "universal mod installer"?
Hows the new portal? it sounds like a myspace page...anyway, merge this if you gotta, just looking to see what some users thought of it, if its worth holding off a few more months and such.

ps i love you more, invision

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well i love it!! the profile area is just so sexy i can barely keep my hands to myself ^_^ and lets see.. the edit member in acp is much better too :)

those are about the 2 things i have "noticed" that have major changes.. "i dont notice things easy"

basicaly im still in a "wow" state of mind from when i upgraded.

i am sure glad i payed the money and moved from an open source forum software "known as SMF"

free forum solutions work great. "when your playing with the kids on the block" but when you start playing with the big boys... you need to be a big boy too :P

sure there are a few features that ipb dont have.. but then again. smf/ipb/vb/phpbb/etc all have things they dont have!

i have people telling me "ew you use ipb" and im like "ew you use vb" but the truth is. unless you have tried the software. from both user and admin point of view. its not worth speaking...

so to sum it up. unless someone can pry my fingers off ipb. im staying with it. because i love it! and i love it even more since the new version! :wub:

oh! just remembered as i switched from fast reply to the normal. to view my post :P

the post layout/etc looks alot better too :) alot more features etc. :D

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