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Guest D.San

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Before the final release of this software, I contacted IPS in order to demo the system. It was offline due to upgrades & such.

Well now it is back online but I am unable to get an account on it. I try at the top of each hour with absolutely no luck. I have been since the demo system came back online.

Another problem I am going to have is the alloted time I am going to be allowed to use it. Six hours simply is not enough time. The main problem is that myself and three other people (my staff) want a chance to use it as well. This way we can discuss it during the demo.

I will require at least 72hours of demo before a decision can be made.

What can I do?

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A quick follow-up.

Lindy, I want to thank you for your help in this. The same to you, Charles. Thank you much, both of you! (w00t)

You guys hooked me up with a demo account that did not expire, way past my requirements! We had the time needed to evaluate your software and will be purchasing it really soon (within the next week or two).

Thanks again for your quick, prompt, and more-than-adequate response. I have sent a message to Charles asking him to terminate the demo. Again, thank you so much! :thumbsup:
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