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Additional Skin Set

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The upgrade routine always inserts a new skin set for a new (full) version.

2.0 -> 2.1 (new skin set)

2.1 -> 2.2 (new skin set)

Ahh alright, so it is normal that I see:

IPB Master Skin Set
IPB Default Skin
IPB 2.2.0 Default

Why would it just not update the Master Skin Set and the IPB Default Skin?
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Because it has no way to know which skin is the "Default skin" ;) Thus it just inserts a new one.

For all we know you could have renamed the default skin, deleted it, etc.

You will have to forgive my ignorance, I am used to vBulletin and have been used to the system having a master template that is uneditable. It must just be the way the template system works.

So the system installs a full brand new skin set right...therefore, the Master Skin Set is updated to 2.2 templates as well as the IPB 2.2.0 Default
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The exact method IPB works is mostly irrelevant, but for informational purposes...

The master templates are uneditable (unless you are IN_DEV mode). The actual "IPB 2.2.0" skin you see *technically* has no templates - when a skin has no edits to a particular template, it just inherits from the master templates.

So, in other words, an unedited IPB 2.1.0 Default skin will be identical to an IPB 2.2.0 Default skin - or any other skin you create, if it has no edits (because it will use the master templates).

The problem is, you could have one skin on your board that is completely edited, and NOT choose to revert those edits during the upgrade. If that happened, IPB 2.2.0 would be largely broken for you. As such, during a major upgrade where skin changes happen, we include a new skin, set it to default, and let you choose what to do with any others you have.

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