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MySQL at the end what to do?

Guest Andrew-T

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I got this error below here! :(

Please run these queries in your MySQL database before continuing..

ALTER TABLE ibf_custom_bbcode ADD bbcode_switch_option INT(1) NOT NULL default '0', ADD bbcode_add_into_menu INT(1) NOT NULL default '0', ADD bbcode_menu_option_text VARCHAR(200) NOT NULL default '', ADD bbcode_menu_content_text VARCHAR(200) NOT NULL default '';

DELETE FROM ibf_conf_settings WHERE conf_key IN ('rte_width', 'rte_pm_width');

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You choose to do the manual upgrade. It is not an error - you are being given the manual queries you now need to run.

The upgrade is all finshed now. Thanks! I must check something but I uncheck it this time. Now upgrade works! I did not lose anything! I just was not used to the new upgrade installer.
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