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BBCode Acronym

Guest Brendon Koz

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I'm not sure how new this BBCode tag is, however it doesn't seem to work properly. I saw it just today while making a post and checking out the "BB Code Help" popup window.

The example shows the following:

<acronym title="" laugh="" out="" loud="">lol</acronym>

I know that's not correct.

I'll test here in the forum as well to see if it's just the example or if it's the parsing in general:

...okay, after a preview I realize it's close, but still wrong. It's backwards. :lol:

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Yeah, there's a little search box once you actually go into the IPB category of the bug tracker. Here's the bug report I entered:


In addition, here's a topic about the issue in the 2.2 feedback forum. They said they fixed it on this board, but I guess they broke it again.


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