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Better anti-shout

Guest Flo

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I apologize if this has been requested before (search didn't turn up anything useful), but the current anti-shout function is awful. There are far too many "false positives". InterCaps should not trigger the shout filter, neither should roman numerals.

My suggestion: anti-shout should only trigger on three or more consecutive caps, with roman numerals as an exception. "SomeTitle XII" should not be converted to "Sometitle Xii". Also, previously lowercase words should be preserved. Currently when the shout filter is triggered, every word is converted to Xxxxx case, even if it was all lowercase to begin with.

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I just turn anti-shout off, if someone wants to be a dick and type in all caps, they can answer to moderation.

Because either:
You let some shouts through
You incorrectly label some titles as shouts

It's hard to find a solution.

I mean being as I KNOW 3 or more I could just HE.Y TH.IS IS A GR.EA.T TO.PI.C

Or something similar.

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That would be true if ucwords did the job. Unfortunately as it is, anti-shout is pretty uselses :(

truth...why not just include a check like "if two letters or more in row = uppercase => only first letter = uppercase"

That should do the trick much better for most situations.
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