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New improved Member List - View those with Personal Statement

Guest Lemon Head

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Just taking some time to look at the new IPB2.0 (at last!). I love the new Posting screen, the html and easy switch RTE/Standard buttons will be so useful.

My point though is with the new Member List page - its very good, but can you add an option to display members with Personal Statements like you can list members with Photo's? This would be very handy to quickly check for any potential naughties with this new Personal Statement feature. I looked in More Options but the option to list all members with Personal Statements isn't there.

Keep up the good work!

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its 2.2 and the new memberlist sucks so badly. :P.

also as wot i assume someone will say theres a endless list of things u could order by and they can't add them all so asking for this in the final probably won't happen, maybe someone will post how to do it, its quite complicated going on how i added extra features to 2.1's memberlist.

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