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Bugs vs Feedback

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Just a reminder to everyone

I've noticed a lot of support-type topics cropping up recently and wanted to remind everyone that the goal for this forum was to get feedback on 2.2. It's in an RC status, which means it is still not officially supported. If you believe you've found a bug in IPB 2.2, by all means please report it to our Bug Tracker so we can ensure it's fixed up before release. If you think it's just an issue with your upgrade, or aren't sure, you may wish to use our 2.2 forum on IPS Beyond. That forum is mostly a free-for-all regarding 2.2 specifically.

You can suggest feature suggestions here, however as 2.2 is mainly locked, I'd really recommend posting them in our feature suggestions forum just to ensure they don't get lost in the shuffle.

What we're really looking for in this forum is feedback on what you think about 2.2, what can be done to improve it, feedback about the new pricing and policy changes, and the like. Please keep this kind of feedback coming, as we are all listening, and eager to hear what you have to say. :)

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