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Okay so i've been running 2.1 since for like ages, and i have a theme that differs so much from ipb its insane,
so its gonna take ages to grab all the enhancements of 2.2 etc.

the problem is will their be changes from beta2, to the final??? i dont want to start the 2.2 skinning until i know the stuff is final.

any help with this? itd be ace to see the new bits for 2.2 so that i can add them to my 2.1 theme. and save time.

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Well, I'd have to answer yes to be safe.

Firstly, if any bug reports involve template edits, then they'll be necessary.

Secondly, I plan to revalidate (XHTML) 2.2 at RC1 and I believe a couple of things do need to be updated.

You can get a headstart, but I do expect a couple of changes still.

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