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Global Cache's plz

Guest Luke

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The idea is add "cache_global" to the "cache_store" table and when "$load_global" is passed through the load cache function it would use "OR cache_global=1" in the query. The "$load_global" setting would be set to true when used in the index.php and admin.php wrappers. The "$load_global" variable would be the last optional parameter.

If it is at all possible to add to 2.2 I will be really really happy. I had talked to Matt about this several weeks ago, and I think it was forgotten...

Having this developer option would allow me to cut out 25% of the code I have in my board wrapper code (which some I do not feel comfortable with because I have to re-write the member bar), and about 6-9 lines out of other files in my current project. It would surely simply a few things for sure.

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