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PM Issue

Guest Mark

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I am not posting this in the bug tracker as it might just be a localised issue here, or features removed from 2.1

Basically, my member bar is not telling me my messages box is full, and neither are the % full bars in the UCP, yet I am getting errors every time I send a message with the "add a copy to my sent items" checkbox ticket.

These screenshots should explain, all taken on this site at the same(ish) time:

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We're having the same issue on our forum (2.2.0 RC 3). It affects members, but not Admins. The User Group setting allows members to store upto 500 messages, but even memebers with just a couple of messages are unable to save sent messages. If they un-check that, the message is sent fine.

I tried on this board just now and it works fine here.

Did anyone figure out what the problem was?

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I found that raising he maximum number of storable messages to a high number works. The max had to be about 800 more than the real limit. So, if I wanted users to be allowed to store 100 messages, I had to set the limit at 900 (100 + 800), and if I wanted to set a max of 50, I had to set the max to 850 (50 + 800).

So, at least I have a work-around for now.

The other odd thing is that folks in the admin group were not seeing this error. So, with a limit of 1000, and about 800 actual messages already in their "boxes" admins could still create more.

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