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Prune logs questions

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You configure which logs you want pruned in the settings under the 'Log Pruning' group.

The task will run and truncate (clear out) the log tables you have configured to allow. By default, none of the tables will be pruned (as we didn't want to set this up arbitrarily for a user, and wipe out data they want preserved), but you can go into the log pruning group and select which tables to clear every x days.

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I am aware that one can select which logs to be pruned.

On a test board, I sent myself mail generating an entry in the email log. Then I turned on the email log pruning in the task settings and ran the prune task manually.

The entry was not removed. Therefore I believe it will do only entries over 30 days (30 days being the default). The task did not empty the log.

My question is: Is the default 30 days dependent on how ofdten the task runs?
If not, where does one alter the default 30 days?

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The line "default 30 days" refers to the task being run, yes.

Manually running the task should override any date frame settings.

So, the table should have been pruned (in the task .php file, it just does do_delete on the table, it does not filter by any date ranges, etc.). I'd report it to the bug tracker, however I cannot currently duplicate the issue locally. Just provide the steps you took and I'll see if I can reproduce it.

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#1 - I sent myself an email to generate a log entry in the email log (worked)
#2 - I altered the setting to Prune Email Logs = Yes in Prune Logs settings
#3 - I maually ran the task of Prune Logs in the task Manager
#4 - I returned to check the emails logs and my entry was still there from #1.

I repeated this process twice.

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