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How about starting with the look itself. While there are some amazing changes the beta appears the same as 2.1 really.

Perhaps start with subtle changes, I was thinking a darker blue? I actually thought 2.2 was going this route when staff images here turned up and looked really good.

Dang, I just forgot a bunch of ideas I had! Oh well.

Oh, I liked that bar under the smilie table for formatting and now it is gone.

Edit: There was one thing, I'd like to see next to the total amount of members "active members" or "active" total, which you can turn off/on and pick which groups to use and which to ignore in the tally.

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I think the default skin is fine. Overall its nice and you can always get a new skin more to your liking. I think what should be work on are the parts that are not so much part of the skin but more default stuff.

Well sure but even a slight change to differentiate it. Like I said keep it how it is but maybe make the blue darker, or dark blue.
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