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FAO: Charles

Guest Will L.

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I am not Charles I know, please don't yell at me, but I would


that it is the only (good) global format.

.doc - only for windows people

.txt - plain

.html - not easilly editted / printed

I think he means what program did they use to make the file. e.g. Adobe Acrobat Professional, OpenOffices default support for PDF exports etc etc.
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I would imagine they posted that because this is a public forum, one for the public discusion of IPB 2.2 beta, where as PMs and emails are for 1-2-1 conversation :)

No, I just posted because I'm a horrible inconsiderate sociopath who doesn't give a damn about social etiquette. In fact, sometimes I post on public internet forums that are open to all. That's how sick and twisted I am.

...oh wait.
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