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Board Guidelines - Editor class

Guest Logan

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In the private betas the board guidelines used the editor class. Now, it only uses a textarea.

I understand that the registration terms shares that setting group and you can't have two editors on the same page, so the board guidelines should have the editor class instead of the reg terms since they are going to be much more frequently edited.

Or just move the registration terms to another setting group like it was... not sure why they were combined again for the public beta, and what made you decide to use it on the reg terms and not the board guidelines.

Please change it back :)

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Logan, does this mean there's no need for me to upgrade this custom mod I made?

EDIT: I guess that's going to depend on the outcome of this topic, huh? :lol:

Haha yeah, well it sure would save you some time wouldn't it? :P

Just very strange that it was there in previous releases of 2.2 and was suddenly removed. Hopefully it is re-added.
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