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Even though these won't be added to the beta, I want to list them here in case I forget :D

- "Starred" topics feature, similar to Gmail. Many wanted this!!
- "Auto Save" when replying to a topic, very much like gmail. Also, option to save the reply for later. :thumbsup:
- Highlight search terms ON/OFF button when viewing topics from a Search.
- Restrict ACP access by IP, IP range.
- Include a link to unsubscribe to topic/forum in the notification email.
- Multi-moderation in search results view, handy when you want to delete many posts from a certain member.
- Merge members feature.
- Primary and secondary email address in case the primary one doesn't work for some reason.
- popup text when mouse is over the page number should show the post range, for example, 31-60, 61-90, etc..doesn't maky sense to just show the page number cause you obviously know what page it is cause your mouse is over it. LOL
- a trashcan for the PM system.
- Clicking on "next oldest" and "next newest" will bring you to the first unread post in the topic. If the topic has never been viewed before, bring you to the 1st message of the topic. :thumbsup:
- When viewing a topic for the first time, bring you "directly" to the first unread post, which is post#1 as to avoid the need to scroll down to see the beginning of the 1st message. Good for forums which have a lot of stuff in the headers.
- Only allow certain groups to see "last edited by.." message after they edited.

"getnewpost" improvement, for example, there is no unread posts in this topic, I click on AddReply/QuickReply and type my response in the thread. 3 members replied while I was still composing the message, I hit the submit button now, instead of taking me to the message I've just written, it should bring me to the UNREAD post (the first message from the 3 members that replied before I submitted my message). I don't know how many times I have to scroll back up after replying to make sure I don't miss any replies. :)

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