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So when can we test it?

Guest Keven Fox

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IPS has already answer that question :)

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Release Dates and Timeline

All this talk is great but the question is always: when can I download it?

The first public BETA of Invision Power Board 2.2 (along with betas of IP.Gallery and IP.Blog) will be

released the evening of:

September 22, 2006

(if this date needs to change we will let you know)

The first public release will be a BETA release and will only be available to current customers via the client area. This means, although we have tested the software internally, we are asking for your assistance in the final stages of testing. There will not be any technical support for this BETA and we ask you do not use the software on a production site just yet. The release will be time-encoded and will require Zend or IonCube to operate. We thank you for reporting any issues you may have.

Once the first beta has been out for at least a week, we will announce the release timeline from there. The final release timeline will of course depend on the results of beta testers.

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pff, Zend or Ioncube Encoded... I'm a customer, why I can't see the source code ??While I can't read the code, i can't work on my mods, so it's nearly useless for me !Do I will have to wait the final release to work ?

I'm not a mod developer, but I have to agree. Why must this release be Zend encoded? Why won't we be allowed to install it and upgrade to future versions from it?
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I'm curious why as well...We're customers anyway, we're going to eventually see the source code...

The only reason I can think of is so that when it eventually gets leaked, there is a chance that fewer people will actually be able to use it. But seeing as how unpopular (and problematic) the Zend encoded Alpha 3 and Beta 1 were with 2.1, I figured that IPS would simply released unrestricted beta software, like Jelsoft and most other bulletin board software companies do.
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The very first beta will be encoded for two reasons:

1. We do not want it out there long as it will be confusing for us to support. We still have people running 2.0.0 Beta 1 so you can imagine :)

2. The very first beta is just to see if everything works. Once we're sure the base product works we will release an unencoded version everyone can play with.

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