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Suggestion: More options for COPPA

Guest Myr

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Right now, we have a choice for COPPA, On or Off.
I would like a third choice. I don't want kids under 13 registering. So, i'd like the COPPA age question asked, and then the board will refuse to take an applicant under 13. Setting a cookie might also help here.

Not that we get a lot of kids that age, but I've had a few complaints that we don't ask. But turning on the feature locks you into the BS about faxes, snail mail and other crap I want nothing to do with.

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You could always set COPPA and remove all mentions of faxes etc. from the "denied" page via the skin templates or lang files.

I have. I would prefer not to edit my templates much though, as it makes it more difficult to upgrade.
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