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Now that the full license for Fronbase is now free with all the goodies; Clustering & LookSee.

I was just wondering if you had any plans to include Frontbase in your list of supported DBs.

From their site it looks like their PHP extension is pretty much the same as mysql. Is this something we could consider doing ourselves?

I assume this kind of thing is covered in ipsbeyond but not beeing a client yet I have no access... strange

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Wizzy does most of the DB drivers.

I could have a look, but unless there is real demand for it, it's not really in our best interest so to speak to spend the time working on it. I want to do a Sybase driver as well (for fun, mostly) but again - without real demand I'm not going to spend my time working on it (on company time at least - at home may be another story).

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