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I currently have a phpNuke, and the forum in it is an actual part of the website, eg, theres no banner area, there's just the forums and the navigation. I really like this ability, as it has the same style, look and theme as the website, eg, the forum is where the contents of a website usually is. Problem i'm having with this, is that its a phpBB Port.

I would much rather have it as an IPB Port! Are you considering making this, or do you think it would be possible if the right coding was used? Because I just really want it to be IPB instead of phpBB! Is there a way to do this?

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I believe you are referring to a portal rather than a port.

Technically, what you are referring to is approaching on a CMS, moreso than a portal. Either way, there is a mini-portal included with IPB, and there are SEVERAL portal modifications available at various resource sites.

When IP Dynamic is released, this will fulfill the CMS needs of many users with full IPB integration through Converge.

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