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SMF to IPB 2.0(Trial) Problems

Guest Lance777

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My company staff has recently taken it in to conern and we've trying to change over from SMF 1.0.4 to IPB. However, not quite sure how our members/staffers will take to a new board change(we've been through about 5 different forum softwares before) so we're still debating whether or not we want to buy the upgraded version of IPB 2.1.

Right now we're trying to do a temporary switch to the IPB 2.0(Trial) but we've been having issues with it. I can manage to convert the members/topics/posts/database but for some reason the board shuts offline after the forum catagories are converted, and we're unable to login to the forums(even after a password recovery).

I'm not quite sure what the issue is but I've been doing some research and found out that a login file is required? Whether my sources are correct or not, it is most difinately the login function that isn't working properly. As a last resort, I was wondering if I could recieve some feedback(help) from IPB's services before I decide to call it quits on the whole IPB idea.

Thanks for your time.
(Hope this is posted in the right area) :)

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I can asure you that you will not regret the changes :D Invision Power Board is a great forum solution. Even though Simple Machines Forum is also a great forum solution and its free. But with the purchase of a Invision Power Board license, there is alot more to follow. Like the customer service, etc.

Its quite simple! If you want a free forum solution, pick Simple Machines Forum.. If you want a paid and fully customer service solution, pick Invision Power Board. Even though IPB looks alot better then SMF. SMF is a great free forum solution.

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