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still no forum wide anouncement tool in admincp?

Guest xe-cute

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Maybe i gone blind and i am missing something, but i thought by now in admincp there would be a tool to make a forum wide anouncement at the top of the forums.

I.E. "the forums will be closing in 10minutes for maintenance" to either pop-up or show under the header on the main forum index page.

Anyway it's just an idea which could be valuable to many, suppose i'll have to go mod looking for it (i know they exist for older boards).

Forgave me if i have missed this option somehow and please poke me with a stick to the right area of admincp.

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This mod is easy to install & will do exactly what you are asking. You will have to register on the forum it is linked to. It offers 3 types of announcement formats (Static, ticker tape & hover). You can see the static one in action (without registering) on my own board at www.natcoa-forum.com


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