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Dear Santa

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I'm trying to explain my reasoning as to why I think a built in spellchecker is unnessecary, on a base IPB. If you want to add one in, then a custom mod (or maybe an IPS built mod? That'd be sorta cool) seems fine to me, but I don't genrally like the idea of adding a whole lot of features that not everyone wants to use, [b]unless those features are easily turned off and on by one simple checkbox.[/b]

(And since I'm a whore, that'll be $500 for my opinion ;) we charge you know.)

That's what i have been trying to tell you all along -.-
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A more intelligent, Google like, search functionality is my first Christmas wish..
Although Search has been largely improved in 2.1, the 4chr limit is unacceptable. And most web providers will not change it in MySql.
Manual search is not an alternative anymore either, AND/OR doesn't work in 2.1.

Individual edit/delete timeout settings for each forum. F.ex. for classified sections. (making users able to edit/delete their ads)
Or even better, a IPB classified module... :)

Searchable Location field!

New functionality to save admin work:

Problem: Users have forgotten password AND username.
Solution: Being able to retrieve password based on username OR email address.

Problem: Users think something is wrong since they get an login error when validating.
Solution: Direct login when clicking link i validating mail.

Problem: Users don't realize they are in Validating group.
Solution: Don't allow this group to log in. Custom message telling them what's going on.

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