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Hide "Purchase Paid Subscriptions"

Guest eyedam

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This would be better off in the support area, but yes, this is possible.

1) Go to "Look and Feel" in your ACP
2) Choose your skin and select "Edit Template HTML"
3) Choose "User Control Panel"
4) Delete or comment out the line that says "<{ITEM_START}> <a href="{ipb.script_url}act=paysubs&amp;CODE=index">{ipb.lang['new_sub_link']}</a><br />"

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I actually thought that it was supposed to be a module that you could toggle on and off. I suppose they decided to integrate it fully. Definitely give us a way to turn it off. Or I'll probably just go and remove the link. I think it should go back to being a module (or if it never was) to change it into a module.

Those are my thoughts.


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Guest The Rickster

There's actually a mod for that which you can check out HERE. I found it pretty useful, you can set different permissions for each group's user CP like subscriptions, editing avatars or signatures and a lot of other stuff. :)

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