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Improving the rating system

Guest Lava Guy

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  • Ok, cool, you can rate a topic. Isn't it a natural extension to want to rate a reply? This would reward good replies or solutions\follow-ups. Am I missing something here?
I can't see much point. Yes, it might be usefull on some boards, but not on most of them. Anyway, rating individual posts is stupid, the better thing to do would be to have approval or disapproval symbols. A user can click on these and the eventual outcome wil be shown as a average. But one thing, people will use this as a way to get at people who they disagree with. Ratings wars...
  • Another thing: Wouldn't it be nice to have the ratings linked to the users profile? This would motivate and reward good replies\posts since it's linked to the person recieving them.
Again, this would cause ratings wars, and would be another thing to load from SQL... and its about the post, not the person. People could just go through and rate someones posts as all bad becuase he hates them.
  • One last thing... why can't I sort the topics by the rating they receive?
This would be nice.

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