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Notepad in MyAssistant?

Guest .Kennedy

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I like that :thumbsup:

For some weeks now, I am thinking about the idea, that a lot of options from "My Controls" could be put in the "My Assistant".
It would be more clear for a lot of users, to have ONE place to have and configure everything. The Gallery options are already in a "My Assistant" window. Why can't everything be there.
Some may think it could become messy, but with some additionally ordering, it could be pretty good IMO (suggestion I made, and hopefully Matt implement it in IPB 3.0 -> http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?showtopic=170508 || Now I think it could be better with these tabs:
- General Settings
- Forum Settings
- Blog Settings
- Gallery Settings
- extendable for own modules).

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I think that would defeat the purpose of having the My Controls area. The only reason I suggested this was because I often need to copy text from someones post and then keep on reading, so it's annoying when you have to go into My Controls just to paste the text in, then come back and start reading again.

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IMO the board configurations/options does better fit in the new pop-out window, because most people don't like to leave the page they are currently browsing to change some settings.
Its more natural to open the pop-up window, change something, close it and continue reading.

So I don't want to have options at two different places, right.
I am thinking about some refactoring ...
It is a fact, that some people are still not that used to the way forums does work.
I think some enhancment to the "GUI" could be done. So that it comes closer to a web-APPLICATION.
The good thing about OS-applications is that the interface is most of the time standard. People know that there is somewhere an "Options/Settings" window.
Why not go one step further, and resemble to OS applications.

We could have the My-Assistant pop-up window called "Options"
My Controls could be renamed to something else.

I don't really know now, how it should be done. And I don't say that I have the complete solution... I just want to say, that the time may have come, where some "GUI"-refactoring could be done.

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Although i like the idea of the notepad being in the assistant, i think putting the 'My Control' area into there doesnt fit in with it being an "assistant". I only use My Controls when i first register on a board to set up my settings and profile, i rarely go back in there after that, unless its to midfy my signature or something.

If you really want My Controls to be in the Assistant, then i would leave it to a Mod

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