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Display name changing

Guest RawkBob

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An option to clear a members name changing history in the acp would be good...

anyone else agree? :)

If it's already there, where is it, i looked but couldn't see it!

Edit: also an option for you to set the login name to current display name and vice versa (at the touch of a button).

moderators should also be allowed (admin setting on/off) to change member display name incase of inappropriate use.

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I can go both ways on this really...

Yes because of the saving DB space idea, and it would also speed up your site and make it more efficient.

No because you would need the names there in case the member did not have a signature or avatar (which does happen).

So I dunno wtheck to think...

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I say, have as an option, because having the option doesn't mean it gets used.

As for a mod being able to force a name to be changed, how about being able to force their login name to be used until an admin can decide, that way it doesn't give the mods too much power if their decision has to be decided on as well. ;)

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