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I have an idea and have written a script to show at the top of the login only called welcome_guest.php. This shows the benefits for a guest why they should register and what they get out of registering with us. It would be good if Matt and the guys at IPS have ever thought of adding this feature into version 2.1 as a standard so Administrators could add this option to the board offering benefits to why people should subscribe and register with your forum...?

If this were to be added to the Admin Panel, where the administrator of the board could decide on whether to use this or not would be an advantage.

All I have done is right a very simple PHP code using the same CSS style as the login because it is a warning telling a guest the benefits of subscribing or registering.

An example of fields:
Title: Registering with yourdomain, will give you access to all forums:

1. Access all forums including commenting in both the forum and main site.
2. Access you our extensive database.
3. Access to our online chat and customer support.
4. Access to extra features when you subscribe, email and free support.
5. It

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