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IPS - Friend Groups

Guest nicoo

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It would be very pleasant to have this new feature in IPB/IPS-kernel, and other IPS-products could make use of it:

Friends Groups

This would be an extension of a feautre that ICBlog currently has (being able to allow certain users to view your blog).

As most people have more than one friends groups (university, old school friends, family, work, ...) it would be nice to allow for example blog entries or galleries to certain friends groups and not just users. This would be usefull and very fast to use.

So you could...:

  • Make for example some pictures of your last party available to only these university-friends (group1) and other pictures of your wedding only available to your other closer friends/family (group 2, because you didn't invite some of the other friends due to a tight budget plan)
  • Then you could use these groups to restrict access to your blog post for example, for similar reasons (wedding blog posts ;-) ...
  • Compose a PM and send it to "Friends-group-nr.3". That would be a nice feature, especially because most people still do not have a mailing list for sending regularly emails to a same user group. And most mail-clients do not give you the possibilty to create groups...
  • many more...
As it would be great to have these group shared among all IPS products, it would be logical to implement that in the ips_kernel.
So, Matt would you implement this, or what do you think of it ?
Or could W1lz0r just enhance his one-group feature to a multi-group feature ?
Or Josh ?
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