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I'd like to know which PMs I have replied to and which I forwarded. read/unread is not enough information to manage my PM inbox.

I'd like to be able to archive LARGE chunks of PMs, like all PMs over 6 months old, potentially thousands in one shot and have the user downloaded them. The current PM archival and download isn't big enough.

I would like to select more then a single page of PMs at a time. If I want to select 500 PMS to move to a folder it could take over an hour to do it page by page. My members have 1.5million PMs in the database or about 1000 each.

I want to search PMs. Look for a PM in my inbox from a certain member or containing certain text. Add fulltext search to my PM folders.

I want to enable/disable PMs per user. vb has this feature and many of my members want to disable receiving PMs totally.

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