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Mods needs to be able to add user in groups

Guest nicoo

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- This has to exist, because it is too time consument for the admin to do that work, if you have a lot of users

- Also great would be the ability to have different group of mods and Teamleader for these groups. If you have a huge forum you need lots of mods. If you have a lot of mods, you need in a way to be sure everyone is doing fine and some of them have to give others some advices and so on. So you need a leader, who will know how his team is working, who is doing good job and not. You can not talk with all your mods, so you have at least one in every team that you talk with. There is a need that he is leader so that other mods can see that, and hear to his "commands". It is much easyer like this. It is normal in buisness to have hierarchies, and more than that, it is vital !

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