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Notifications & Emails

  1. Should you send Notifications or Emails?

    Notifications or Email? You have a number of options available for you for sending notifications to members: Following Members can follow other members, content containers (nodes like categories) and content items (like topics) to be notified about content that interests them. For information on how to implement this, see the Following sections for the Content Items and Comments documentation. Notifications Members can choose how to be notified about certain events (if th
  2. Sending Notifications to Users

    1. Create an extension The first step is to create a Notifications extension. In the Developer Center for your application go to Extensions > core and click the "+" button on the "Notifications" row. A file will be created in your application's extensions/core/Notifications folder with a skeleton to get you started. Open that file and follow the instructions within it to add your notification types to the Notification Options screen and create the method(s) which will control what gets d
  3. Sending Emails to Users

    1. Create the Email Template The content for emails is stored in the dev/email folder of the application which will send the email. For example, if you look in the applications/core/dev/email folder (you will need to be in developer mode to see that folder) you will see all the emails the core application sends. All emails sent from the IPS Community Suite are sent in two formats: HTML (for most email clients) and plain text (for older email clients or users who specifically do not wan
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