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  1. TheArchon

    Download: 30 Clean Glossy Ranks

    Those icons look very nice. Thinking about whether they'll fit my board.
  2. TheArchon

    Forum Cloning

    Most of them do. They set up the major parts of the forum structure at the very beginning and then just do smaller adjustments later. Still, setting up forums is such a tiny part of an active forum admin unless someone frequently adds and removes forums to/from their board. Even if it grows fast, there will only be a certain time period where you will be setting up forums more often than usual but when the grow has come to end end you are more or less done with it. Sorry, but "it's much work" is still a pretty weak argument. This is about comfort and avoiding mistakes, the first of which I refered to as "painful" in my post and then suggested this feature to be (re-)added. Not sure why you just repeat one of my points in a direct reply to me, even considering the descriptive details you added to my more casual wording.
  3. TheArchon


    While I do not have any use for this skin, I must say that I like it very much. The green lines at the sides look cool and no element seems to disturb the overall look of the skin. Great job :)
  4. TheArchon

    Forum Cloning

    On the one hand, setting up a community is a task you usually only do once (ok, some do it frequently, but they are not the norm). On the other hand, I can see that it is a real pain to set up 20+ forums with all the same permission sets without having the option to just copy those over. If implementing this feature is not too costly, I think it should be added.
  5. I also know quite some forums (all of them are using VB though) which only allow the use of gallery avatars to prevent user avatars from ruin their design (you know those Windows paint avatars, wiggling breasts etc). I really wonder if this feature was used so rarely to justify its removal. But what do I know. ;)
  6. Neue Version hinzugefügt. Erstmalig wurde auch der Adminbereich (außer Systemeinstellungen -- plane ich auch noch zu übersetzen) übersetzt. Gerade hierzu würde ich mich über Rückmeldungen freuen. Ansonsten gibt es die Änderungen für IP.Board V. 3.2.1 ------- New version: First translation of the ACP (except system settings -- I plan to provide them as well in the future). Now supports IP.Board V 3.2.1.
  7. "Verfolgen" ("folgen" sollte eigentlich nicht vorkommen) ist die Übersetzung, die dem englischen Original "follow" am nächsten kam und dabei noch dem deutschen Sprachgebrauch entspricht (man kann ein Thema wie auch eine Debatte ja tatsächlich aufmerksam verfolgen). Ob man den von Twitter-inspirierten Schwenk von "subscribe" zu "follow" gut findet, sei jedem selbst überlassen, eine Übersetzung sollte ihn aber reflektieren. Mir gefällt der Begriff "abonieren" für Themen etc. übrigens auch überhaupt nicht. Abonieren kann man Drucksachen und PayTV-Angebote. Bei einfachen Foren erschien mir das auch immer maßlos hochgegriffen für einen simplen E-Mail-Verteiler.
  8. File Name: Deutsches Sprachpaket (Du) f
  9. Danke für die Rückmeldung und die Auflistung der Tippfehler. Habe die entsprechenden Änderungen vorgenommen, die Version 2 steht nun zum Download bereit. Zu den beiden Stellen, die bei dir nicht übersetzt scheinen: Die funktionieren bei mir einwandfrei, hoffe mal auf weitere Meldungen (Im Adminbereich gibt es dagegen leider noch einige Stellen, wo es trotz Übersetzungseintrag nicht deutsch werden will). Der Ex- und Import mittels GZ-Datei hat mich bei älteren Versionen einige Nerven gekostet und hat stellenweise schlicht nicht funktioniert. Hier teste ich im Laufe der Zeit mal selber, ob man sich auf diese Funktion verlassen kann. Wenn, dann werde ich das sicher darüber machen, ist ja auch für mich bequemer. ;)
  10. *Really wonders why his profile has 3,308 views*

  11. Looking forward to 3.2

    1. ørret


      Me too, just a month left to final :)

    2. xChris777
  12. @Mr. Despair Good idea. The whole registration process is due for a conceptual (not technical!) overhaul but I am afraid that's not something IPS will do. It would help people getting more members for their boards but I am not sure it's something you could write onto a feature list of a new version to increase sales. :)
  13. TheArchon

    Download: iPoints System 3.0.2

    "I no longer code IPB mods, I have moved to a different forums system. Too much hatred here. " From Calypo's 'About me' page
  14. I can hardly miss my own topic. And I attacked the reason behind the decision to remove that option. That was my topic then, added as a kind of subheading to the original topic. Too bad that there were several reasons mentioned in this thread, most of which were not convincing to me - and still aren't. However, I accepted one of them and that's why I even wrote that the topic is settled for me. But I am sure you will leave out such details the next time you summerize this thread. "Great" advice, given that I neither expressed my need for help with this nor continued to insist on IPS re-introducing the option. So much for missing the point. ;) Simply put, your post didn't add anything relevant to my dispute with SirJeff.
  15. Reading through the rest of your text I must consider this a lie. Hopefully you won't allow anger to be basis for your next post. And since you assume that I am one of those people who do this, do you honestly think that the lack of an 'Ignore users' choice' option really prevents me from doing this if i really wanted to? Do you realize that the discussion is (better: was) not about if spamming is bad or not but whether IPS should protect their customers from getting themselves into trouble by removing a feature? It is only a possible problem of yours. And there are many possible problems that I could cause to you. So yes, you are somewhat dependent on me, as far as the security of the website is concerned when we share a host. A good hosting company will of course try everything to minimize these problems but there is no guarantee that someone else on your server won't cause great harm to your site. The question now is (was): Is it IPS's job to fight that risk at the cost of removing an option? Then you have learned an important lecture in life: Sometimes you suffer from other peoples' malpractise even if you did not anything to enforce it. Sometimes you can hold them liable, sometimes you can't even do that. Your anecdotal experience does not contributes much to the discussion as the question has (once again) never been if spamming can cause great harm. See above regarding the real question that at least I was discussing. And if you want to join a debate please actually read what others post. I clearly stated that I would of coures ensure that my members have agreed before sending out the mail(s). Just not through the IB interface but through my terms of service. So I am afraid to say it, but you missed the central topic (which was setteld by the way), and you weren't informed about my intentions but still you decided to accuse me of being a potential spammer that could cause your server being blacklisted. You did more harm with your post here than me with my mails elsewhere.
  16. TheArchon

    IPB 3.1.0 features

    That would be harder to implement and would require more clicks by the user, I suppose. I only want a quick and dirty way to follow someone through the discussion without hiding other people's posts. Of course you may have other ideas, but I only wanted to make clear that I think that the feature would grow too big compared to the simple concept I have in mind. Once again: It could work this way but then it would change the way the thread is displayed. My idea was just a link to jump through it.
  17. TheArchon

    IPB 3.1.0 features

    Cluttering the post view? It's just one icon, two if you want to include a prev button. Just one example of how this could work, look at the blue green icon on the right (Note that there only moderators have this icon.) It does not even have be as prominent as in the example above but that's up to the skin designer anyway.
  18. TheArchon

    IPB 3.1.0 features

    No, it is supposed to be a navigation tool, not a way to change how the page is displayed. The post(s) should still be viewable next to to the adjacent ones to preserve the context.
  19. TheArchon

    IPB 3.1.0 features

    My "Must have-items" - for legal reasons: Force member to accept board rules or terms of service sgain - There should be an option to force all members to once again accept changed board rules/TOS the next time they log in. I could send them emails (if they allow my to do this...) but they could alwasy claim that technical reasons prevented them from getting the mail. I would be standing on shaky grounds. So it would be important to simply say "New rules - accept them to use the board any longer". Block access to certain member profiles for non-admins - If a member wants to leave my board I am legally obliged to remove their profile information unless I have good reasons to not do this. One of these good reasons could be to prevent them from registering again. However, in this case I have to make sure that the public can't see their profile any longer. So there should be an option based on the member group that says "No access to profile page but for admins" Removing them from the member list is not enough btw. Nice to have: A button for every post that says "Find next post by this member in the current thread". Sometimes you want to basically follow someone through the discussion and such a tiny button would definitely help with this.
  20. The question is not about the difficulty of removing the option. It is about the reasond behind the decision to remove the feature. A lot of answers here have a moral component to them and so I asked myself: "Will IPS future developement be based on what they think should be morally allowed or not"? If the answer was yes, it would be something I could not accept. This is the rational answer to the question and should have been the official one given. No talk of "you shouldn't do this" or "we want to protect you". They want to protect themselves like any other company. Legitimate but they should tell people this and only this (assuming it is true, but it sounds very reasonable to me).
  21. And what if they can't? What if they are required to accept emails to use the service offered? Can I switch off that "Accept emails?" question without a mod because it's "accept or leave"? Still my problem, because I will then be liable for the damage I caused just as in similar cases. I can do a lot of harm to my hosting provider, not sure why IPS wants to protect me from especially this case.
  22. No, not if they have agreed to accept certain or even all mails from the board when they registered. Humans should have the freedom to dispense with their rights if they want to. This is not a thing IPS should dictate to their customers. That would be my problem then. I want to solve my problems myself and I am not in need of someone else to do it.