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  1. The problem appeara on all of my templates not only on default…and the others templates are black. It did worked 2 days ago…now it appears like this. AND IT ONLY APPEARS ON MY PROFILE, because i have like 10 posts. On another user with 1-2 posts it is working fine
  2. Until then, do you have any ideea to only show the last 5 post in profile? Maybe like that it will work
  3. Yes i did….the problem show of on members profile that have a bigger amount of post to show
  4. The problem appears only when i enter in myprofile….
  5. I have done like you said…the problem is still there
  6. My custom theme it was made for 4.5.4 by @doc i need to update it?
  7. It appears that this problem affects the navigation bar too
  8. As i can see i does start to show like this if you have some amount of subjects or post. If you have 2 or 3 it does work fine
  9. In the beginning it did worked fine but for some reason the forum does not display my last subjects in my profile now. Idk why but it does work for other users. the link to the forum is raii.ro/forum
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