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  1. I'm very new to Invision Community. (I have a cloud community.) I come from a WordPress background (8+ years) and I'd been doing things online for many years before that, so I'm not unfamiliar with updates and such. However, for some reason I'm a little hesitant to update my Invision Community now that I've launched my site and I have members. I think part of it is that I feel out of control of everything -- on a WP site, I make my own backups (of files and the database) and know exactly what to do if I need to restore an old backup or rollback a plugin. Here, though? It feels like more of a mystery situation. I would appreciate some guidance on timing and procedure for applying updates, and direction to any resources you feel would help me feel a little more settled about all of this. Some of my specific questions include: How long do I wait before I apply a maintenance update? (What do you typically do?) Once I do apply a maintenance update, if something breaks, then what? What do I do if something goes wrong? Is there any sort of backup and restore option available? (And if so, is it something I can initiate, or does support do it?) What's the best time to do these types of updates so there's the least amount of downtime if something goes wrong? (For example, is Support available over the weekend or should I stay within certain weekday hours for the best response if needed?) Similarly, I'm not clear on upgrading applications and plugins. When do I update applications and plugins? Is there any way to roll back applications and plugins if there's a problem? Is there any way to back up data and customizations for applications and plugins so they can be restored in case anything goes wrong? Any other guidance on this definitely appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Me? Sure. Just let me know what's involved.
  3. Thanks @TheJackal84, but still broken, if not worse. Now it let me remove an entry, but when it saved, it removed ALL OTHER ENTRIES, too. And it won't save any newly added entries, either.
  4. Checking in for an update on this. Thanks. @TheJackal84
  5. It's more than that -- there's a problem when you remove a link and leave it blank, but as I noted previously, it's also not saving new links either. Will that fix be included, too? (Thanks for the timing estimate.)
  6. Any update on the issue with the data not saving? Thanks.
  7. Okay. Understood. Moving on? I can't get any fields to save. Please let me know if you need to know anything else in order to troubleshoot this. Thanks.
  8. Sorry, I didn't know that. At my end it just shows the edited version. Lesson learned.
  9. Not sure what time zone you're in. When does "today" end for you? Thanks.
  10. Thanks. (I thought it was working, but it's not.)
  11. This is kind of important -- a reply would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Went in to edit one of my social info fields -- trying to REMOVE what I had entered, and it won't let me. I delete, I save, it says it's saved, and then the info is back in the field again. Help? Thanks. @TheJackal84 EDIT TO ADD: It's also not letting me ADD any new info. Eeek! Help?! (Was doing final testing before putting my community live today. 😞 )
  13. When I go there, I just see the info for the tabs -- ohhhh -- is that what you meant? Were you thinking the tabs were duplicated somehow? (I thought you were saying I should look at the list of icons used for each member, and I wasn't seeing that.)
  14. Looking good so far, thank you. 😊 For future reference, where would I see this kind of info in the ACP?
  15. A reply regarding anticipated timeline on this would be appreciated. If it's going to be a while, please let me know the best way to revert to the old version. (I have a copy of it downloaded -- I suppose I could just uninstall this version and reinstall the old one. I'll lose my customizations, I know, but then at least it wouldn't be showing something broken. I was about to go live and I'd rather not have to do it with this broken.) Thanks.
  16. Was doing some testing before launching and when I was done went to clear out all testing data, including deleting all the test users. I wanted Recent Activity cleared out, too, of course, so actual users wouldn't see the testing info. Support directed me to do a force rebuild of the activity streams by rebuilding the search index in ACP -> System -> Search -> Rebuild Search Index. After that, I still had a bunch of posts about adverts remaining in the Recent Activity list and I had to go through and manually delete the old adverts to get that to clear. Support suggested I check with you to see why these adverts were left over when content was deleted. Please advise. Thanks. EDIT TO ADD: Will this also be an issue when members are no longer members? I don't want promos to be showing in the Recent Activity for them.
  17. Okay. Weird. Looking at this a bit more, it looks like it's showing icons from other profiles -- some are profiles that don't exist anymore -- and it's also changing info on the tabs in multiple profiles when I change them on the one profile. I'll provide more detail here. Let me know if you have other questions. Is there a way for me to revert to the older version of this while you get it sorted out? (Unless you think you can get it done very soon -- I was about to launch my community.) So I have 3 profiles set up right now -- my main admin profile, and 2 testing member profiles. I initially set up the social icons using my main admin profile, but when I go into the other 2 testing member profiles, what I put into the main admin profile is showing on the Social Info tabs when when I click on the Social Info icon. On the 2 testing member profiles themselves, one does not show any icons on the profile, and the other shows all the same icons as what I put in my main admin profile (even though both profiles show the info in tabs when I select the Social Info icon to edit). The second set of icons shown here were the ones for this profile. The other sets are from old profiles (of members from testing that have since been deleted). (I don't remember setting up Social Info for my testing profile that's showing the icons now -- can't be 100% sure since it's been a while.) In answer to your question, what's showing for the hovers looks fine (just not for the right people). So for example, the FB icon has "Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/username/" (with the correct username, just not listing it here). More details that probably don't matter since it seems like it's an issue of showing the wrong profile icons: The span class is "MSI__BlockContent" for each. Not sure if it matters, but here's the FA span info, too: <span class="fa-stack fa-2x"> <i class="fa fa-circle fa-stack-2x"></i> <i class="fa fa-facebook fa-stack-1x fa-inverse"></i> </span> Thanks.
  18. @TheJackal84 This is an issue that the update introduced that was not a problem before -- can you please tell me when this will be fixed/anything I can do to address it in the meantime? Thanks.
  19. Thanks. For some reason the Members group wasn't selected (just the New Members group). That's fixed now. What about the repeated icons over and over?
  20. After update, this is what I'm seeing on my own profile: When I login as someone else (a test account), I'm not seeing the Social Info section on my main profile at all. I'm not seeing it on the test account profile, either, even though social info is filled in. I'm also seeing "Currently MSI__loc_editing_social_info" in the ABOUT section for these users.
  21. Looking good! Is there a way (other than deleting the tab and other than the CSS hack you gave me previously) to NOT use a particular tab? I can disable/enable individual sites within a tab, but I can't see a way to disable a tab. EDIT TO ADD: I just checked, and the tab that was previously hidden by the CSS is showing up again on the site (without anything on it).
  22. @Fosters Thanks. These options are built into the Inactive Members application? You can do something based on X days of registration? I don't see it described like that in the info on that page.
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