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  1. Im having an issue where donations wont show up in the goal box or donors. It all started when last month the goal wouldn't end and started giving random numbers. I deleted the goal and started fresh. Ive spent a few hours making sure the settings where right but its still not showing any updates. Any advice on what to look for or fix?
  2. Not sure where or why it started but my goal is showing the wrong amounts. Infact it seems to give a random number every few days but no one has donated this month. edit* right after posting I had an idea to recreate the goal from scratch. This fixed it but not sure why it happened in the first place.
  3. Hey just purchased this app (was using your free one for awhile). An issue I am running into is that the app doesnt update the donor in the donor list. I am having to do this manually. I Lied. Im sorry. Just took a few minutes to update.
  4. Love this plugin! However, it keeps removing roles and changing nicknames. Even with the settings telling it not to be doing that. Its frustrating.
    Truly amazing! We moved from Xenforo to IPS. Xenforo has a discord plugin that really is great, but this plugin blows that out of the water! The other plugins only allow you minimal functionality. With a world that is using discord more than forums, we struggle to keep activity up on our forums. With this plugin we can integrate ever forum topic/reply to the channel we have in discord. After only using it for 1 hour we ALREADY see a big increase in our forum activity. Worth the money!
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