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  1. I didnt noticed that, was done by one of our member team, thanks!
  2. That's just 1 problem. You have a problem on mobile version too, the date of topics are out of the box. Profile information wrong aspect! Much more!
  3. Hosting provider said, on their side it's everything fine, and told us to contact you again. I updated the informations, you can log in now!
  4. Am i speaking chinese? When i told you cpanel was reseted from 0, files installed from 0, database installed from 0. 1.Reinstaled completly cpanel 2.Installed community again, from 0 3.Created new database, new user Please read what i wrote!
  5. I said that the whole community is reinstalled from 0: New database, new folder, including the cpanel was reinstalled from 0 to avoid problems. So everything is clean, from 0. How can you say it wasn't deleted even if everything was done from scratch, personally by me. Even the cpanel was reseted from scratch!
  6. Mysql base is instaled fresh, and yes the content it's present, where it shouldn't be! Everything it's installed fresh!
  7. Hello, i have a problem, i just reinstalled the platform from 0, and i saw some problems during configuration When i try to visit activity, wrong aspect for content, on every template, including the default one! Eg : https://zerohp.ro/index.php?/discover When i go to some profiles, same problem! Eg : https://zerohp.ro/index.php?/profile/1-admin/ I repeat, it's fresh new installed platform, i unninstalled the plugins and aplications and same problem! Do you have any ideea?
  8. I updated all the informations, please tell me wich field is not good now!
  9. It happens with all the plugins, that's the problem, and i dont know where is the problem, i dont know if the problem it's from database, or something else!
  10. For example this error apears when i have Staff Badge in User Profile ON ( plugin ) Error: Typed property DOMDocument::$encoding must not be accessed before initialization (0) #0 /home/zerohpro/public_html/system/3rd_party/phpQuery/phpQuery.php(324): DOMDocumentWrapper->documentCreate('utf-8') #1 /home/zerohpro/public_html/system/3rd_party/phpQuery/phpQuery.php(666): DOMDocumentWrapper->loadMarkupHTML('<!DOCTYPE HTML ...') #2 /home/zerohpro/public_html/system/3rd_party/phpQuery/phpQuery.php(317): DOMDocumentWrapper->documentFragmentLoadMarkup(Object(DOMDocumentWrapper), 'UTF-8', '<ipscontent id=...') #3 /home/zerohpro/public_html/system/3rd_party/phpQuery/phpQuery.php(218): DOMDocumentWrapper->loadMarkupHTML('<ipscontent id=...', '') #4 /home/zerohpro/public_html/system/3rd_party/phpQuery/phpQuery.php(191): DOMDocumentWrapper->loadMarkup('<ipscontent id=...') #5 /home/zerohpro/public_html/system/3rd_party/phpQuery/phpQuery.php(177): DOMDocumentWrapper->load('<ipscontent id=...', 'text/html', NULL) #6 /home/zerohpro/public_html/system/3rd_party/phpQuery/phpQuery.php(4868): DOMDocumentWrapper->__construct('<ipscontent id=...', 'text/html', NULL) #7 /home/zerohpro/public_html/system/3rd_party/phpQuery/phpQuery.php(4642): phpQuery::createDocumentWrapper('<ipscontent id=...', 'text/html') #8 /home/zerohpro/public_html/system/3rd_party/phpQuery/phpQuery.php(4656): phpQuery::newDocument('<ipscontent id=...', 'text/html') #9 /home/zerohpro/public_html/system/Theme/Theme.php(4416): phpQuery::newDocumentHTML('<ipscontent id=...') #10 /home/zerohpro/public_html/system/Theme/Theme.php(2721): IPS\_Theme::themeHooks('{{if !\\IPS\\Requ...', Array) #11 /home/zerohpro/public_html/system/Theme/Theme.php(823): IPS\_Theme->compileTemplates('core', 'front', 'profile') #12 /home/zerohpro/public_html/applications/core/modules/front/members/profile.php(312): IPS\_Theme->getTemplate('profile') #13 /home/zerohpro/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(118): IPS\core\modules\front\members\_profile->manage() #14 /home/zerohpro/public_html/applications/core/modules/front/members/profile.php(81): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #15 /home/zerohpro/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(153): IPS\core\modules\front\members\_profile->execute() #16 /home/zerohpro/public_html/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #17 {main}
  11. The forum is up to date, we are on default template!
  12. It happens when i try to install plugins, and now i see, it's not just this problem, if i try to install plugins i get a blank white page.I have just 1 plugin installed, but it's installed from the marketplace.
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