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  1. I don't understand why, I hope everything will be resolved as soon as possible, nobody reported me until now!
  2. Hello guys, im here to ask you 1 simple question How can i use the \IPS\Db::i()->select in a template ? I mean i know i have this example : $select = \IPS\Db::i()->select( '*', 'some_table', array( 'field=?', 1 ), 'some_column DESC', array( 0, 10 ) ); But i dont understand the logic, i want to extract for example with that method all the names from core_members Can you help me with that?
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Back To Top Button Links & Info : https://tectonicpx.com/themes [ Here you can find our demo templates ] https://tectonicpx.com/board [ Here you can find support for our themes ] Demo account [ name : demo@tectonicpx.com ] [ password : demo ] [ DEMO SITE : https://tectonicpx.com/board ] If you are a client, send me a pm on https://tectonicpx.com/board [ and you will get acces to client area ] Activation Enable / Disable The Button -> Enabled by default Enable / Disable The Pulse Animation -> Enabled by default [ Enable is using animation / Disable it's not using the animation ] Enable / Disable On Mobile -> Enabled by default [ Enable it's visible / Disabled it's invisibile ] Customizer Button Location [ Left or Right ] -> Right by default Button Position [ Fixed or Absolute ] -> Fixed by default Height [ in pixels ] -> 40px by default Width [ in pixels ] -> 40px by default Border Radius [ in pixels ] - 4px by default Background Button Color -> #e06666 by default Background Button Color Hover -> #f44336 by default Icon -> fa fa-angle-double-up by default Info It's very customizable and easy to use, just install and just go, or if you have diffrent shape in your mind just use the Customizer If you have suggestions, please let us know! No renewals
  4. doc

    4TECH support topic

    It's in progress!
  5. Anno : Guys it's a completely new theme and completely new code, if you have custom adjustments it's not working just to upgrade.You need to upload as a new theme, we are sorry about this.
  6. Not my fault James im sorry, big queue aproval, try to make an account here : https://tectonicpx.com/board/ and i will give you acces to clients area, and you can download the 1.2 version!
  7. Update 1.2 Fixed in this version: Resolved slider vertical problem [ it was a bug from swiper slider cdn ], tell us if you still encounter this problem Theme responsivness is now fixed on index Now the customizer button it will apear just if you are logged in on mobile version Fixed the back to top & copyright button on mobile version Added in this version: Theme will come now with a color pink by default [ last color from customizer ] Theme will come now with a def header background [ bg1 from customizer ] We added a button to on/off forums tab on index Now you can select which theme will be default for users who have not yet used customization. You can choose between dark and light! -> by default is dark Now you can dezactivate the button for switching between dark & light, and let just 1 color [ dark or light ] -> both options can be find in ACP -> Index Tab If you still have problem with switching only for one color, delete the browser cache!
  8. If you have suggestions, we are waiting for them with a reply in this topic.
  9. doc

    Crypto Dark

  10. Update 1.1 Fix - We fixed the border on profile for white version, the var was blank, now it's fine. Added in this version - Countdown wich contains this options : Enable / Disable Upload a background for countdown Chose background opacity Countdown title Customizable message when the event is over Set the date Change the names for [days, hours, minutes, seconds] if you are using another language - Special Subforum Tab wich contains this options [ this tab is for people who want to hightlight some subforums ]: Enable / Disable You can chose between theme color or special color chosed by your self You can chose another icon for special forums, by default is using a diamond " <i class="far fa-gem"></i> " or you can use normal icon like other non special forums You can put a tooltip for special forums, by default is set with the title of " This is a special forum ] -> you can chose if you want a tooltip or not How to add / remove new id's : Go in theme editor -> forums -> front -> index -> forumRow and search for this line " {{if in_array($subforum->_id, array("4", "16", "17"))}} " and add or remove new id's - Added new badge topic, clean no more big badge - Added swiper slider for sponsors wich contains : Enable or disable slider Enable or disable slider dots Enable or disable auto slider Enable or disable custom slides You can put what title you want to slider widget from ACP -> by default is sponsor You have 3 slides by default, with 3 upload spaces in acp, if you want to create more, you need to upload the images local in theme resources if you want to keep SSL ON Space to add new slides Set the slider height ( we recomend 144px ) Set the delay for auto slider ( in miliseconds ) -> by default 2500 Enable or disable auto slider on interaction Set the direction for slider ( vertical or horizontal ) Photo's Countdown Slider Special Forums & New Badge
  11. doc

    Cyber Apex Light

    Hello clients, here is the new topic support for this template :
  12. doc


    Hello clients, here is the new topic support for this template :
  13. doc

    4TECH support topic

    For the moment all bugs are from old code, that's the reason for why we work to rebuild all themes! You will no longer have this problem on new version i will let you a sneak peak in private!
  14. This is the support topic for Cyber Apex [ Dark & Light ] : We recommend to register to our site for full support to follow those links : https://tectonicpx.com/themes [ Here you can find our demo templates ] https://tectonicpx.com/board [ Here you can find support for our themes ] Demo account [ name : demo@tectonicpx.com ] [ password : demo ] If you are a client, send me a pm on https://tectonicpx.com/board [ and you will get acces to client area ]
  15. doc

    4TECH support topic

    We try to fix everyting on a new version, with improved code and much more options for users Read : https://tectonicpx.com/board/index.php?/topic/4-progress/
  16. doc

    4TECH support topic

    Hello clients, we started the rebuild for this theme, please tell us what you want to see on a future version!
  17. doc


    Hi this is the first template in our list of updates that will be modernized and created from 0 starting with the 4.6.x platform / We want to hear your suggestions and draw our attention to what you don't like or what you would like to see further. There will be a dark/light theme & color switcher, so you dont need to purchase anymore both versions!
  18. doc

    4TECH support topic

    Im remaking every theme from 0, with a fresh new code!
  19. doc

    4TECH support topic

    leave me your forum with an account in privat to check
  20. doc

    4TECH support topic

    I didn't have time for changes, this year was pretty awful from all points of view. I try as much as possible to update all the templates and make the necessary changes.
  21. doc

    4TECH support topic

    The problems will be resolved in next version!
  22. doc

    4TECH support topic

    I will investigate the problem, i tested already on several forums!
  23. doc

    Gradiented Themplate

    Search in templates profileHeader and revert!
  24. Sorry for big delay i will start again to offer support for themes from now. For the future i will rewrite the menu, and i will try to think about that!
  25. doc


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