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  1. Hi @Makoto I will appreciate if you can respond on this one and take a look at pm i have sent. 10X
    Working with @onlyME is priceless. Amazing app, amazing support. 5 Star.
  2. Ok, thanks you for the quick response. hope you will consider it. @Adriano Faria
  3. Hi @Adriano Faria I love the idea; if the user follows someone, and he wants to get notification only for a new topic from the followed members, and not for new replies. Is it possible with your app? A significant upgrade will be to separate different notification with a different color.
  4. HI, Where can i look at the app demo ? @newbie LAC
  5. Thanks. Thes registration search by name work fine. Thes post search by name doesn't work. The device search works partially. You can't directly search (with id) and found user behind "This device has been used by other members" @Miss_B
  6. Hi, Seeing it only now, "The multiple accounts based on registrations and posts can be searched by members names, whereas for devices by members id." How do i locate the members id ? @Miss_B
  7. I updated the new version. the search bar doesn't work properly. 0 matches for every search. @Miss_B
  8. Hi, Can i force the topic opener picking 2 different prefix simultany, one from drop down box, and the second is free text ? Thanks @Makoto
  9. @Miss_B What do you think about the search bar?
  10. HI, Purchase the app. it will be useful to have a search bar on the detector results. Sometimes you need to check a specific user - And start looking if a detector record exists on tens of pages is frustrating. Thanks. @Miss_B
  11. I have ftp access, It will be most appreciate if you can share with me the patch 😉 @Nathan Explosion
  12. Hi, purchase and installed, got this error. any idea ?
  13. Indeed. purchased it. magnificent app. well done! @Makoto
  14. Hello @Makoto, I hope this message finds you well. My current ipb version is 4.4, and i am planned this week to upgrade my system to 4.5. Until now i worked with Advanced Tags & Prefixes, but because of the ATP lack 4.5 compatibility, and due to your app wonderful reviews, i want moving to the radical APP. I would like to buy the Radical app this week, but i want first please clarify 2 subjects 1. could i insert prefix picture instead of a simple colored text prefix. 2.what is the meaning of the renewal fee ? is it mandatory to pay 15$ every 6 months? Many thanks.
  15. Hello, Does the app can only show logs of detected multiple account ? with no any restriction made @Miss_B
  16. @Nathan Explosion i read here that the previous version of this plugin(1.0.2?), let you restrict only the first post per forum. Acculey, It's exactly what i need for my forum. can i still buy this version?
  17. Hello @Faqole 1.Does the plugin support restricting only the opener first post, leaving the replies unrestricted ? if not, any ETA? Are you willing to modify it with extra payment? 2.Does is compatible with 4.4&4.5 ? Many thanks.
  18. Hello. Hope this message finds you well. As I understood, The feature(1.0.3) unfortunately does not allow me to restrict only the topic first massage, while keeping all the replies unrestricted. any ETA for V2 ? I have much anticipation for it. Thanks. @Nathan Explosion
  19. Hello everybody, Just download and installed (BIM) Chatbox FREE 4.0.7. everything works great, buy i am having annoying issue. i want that the new incoming users chat messages to flow from top-->down and that the chatfield for writing will be on the bottom. Enabling the option to "Newer messages on top" on the panel will make the textbox down as i want, but... the new messages will still stay from down->top i believe i need to edit the chatbox.css template ? any help ? Thank ! 🙂
  20. Thank you for the reply. pages app Its something that i can buy/download ? there is any work around ?
  21. Hi TAMAN, I am wondering if the RSS will work on my board. I dont have pages app installed on my sidebar .but, i have this alternative .. (ver 4.3) RSS will work ?
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