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  1. Trying to track down something I noticed today. We have forum with 4.3.2 and donations 3.3.0 enabled. We run monthly goals to support our website costs and game server fees. If a goal of our fixed costs is reached early, say 6/21 at 100%, we will open the next months goal and hide the current months. The issue comes though in that we have donations which were made in June under the July goal, and show as July goal donations, but are not being counted and show on the front end towards that goal. Any ideas at where I could be going wrong? @Mike John
  2. I am really happy to see this feature coming. ETA on release? Need BETA tester?
  3. Weber

    Behemoth Theme

    I want a refund. This theme is near impossible to simply edit something so easy as the hover action of navigation elements. I just want to hove ovber navigation elements and have no background color but you cant do that apparently. You are forced to have SOME tab color for hover...Why? Total bs. Not to mention the ripoff of $50 to get rid of thee stupid credits... Waste of money.
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