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    Best developer, best modification and I hope the support keeps on coming from this dev. Great work keep it up!
  1. Thank You UPDATING NOW I've updated, pagination works however pulling an image seems to not be working? Ill PM you about this one.
  2. Which file do I put this in ? Custom.css?
  3. Hi, I'm trying to get this to work on my forum but it isn't working. http://theappleforum.com ???
  4. Hi Mike I'm experiencing certain issues with Portal https://www.theappleforum.com/app=portal&module=portal&controller=portal?page=2 Trying to press 'page 2' etc.
  5. REALLY hanging for this truncating posts with images Disable 'Pages'
  6. This worked... is it possible to put it on the right side ? How would I do this in CSS?
  7. Hi Mike, Is there any way in the portal to display for each post the number of views the article has had? Bottom right of the post? Thanks in advance~!
  8. Any update on Truncating posts feauting images?
  9. http://www.devfuse.com/forums/tracker/issue-1482-portal-0-in-byline-text/ Manual Patch: Open theme editor > portal > front > browse > topicRow Find and Remove: {$topic->comments(1)->post_key}
  10. Take notice of that it moves Latest IPS ver. I just want it to be consistent throughout.
  11. Thanks that done the job! Also it keeps going from left to right due to the "All Content" appearing and going away? Is there a possibility to keep it to the right without it moving...? Also possible to remove the image as default shows a Camera? Thanks in advance.
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