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  1. Can you check server error logs please ? There might be less memory or max execution time.
  2. I explained him how he need to perform the upgrade with success like i did.He need to run IPS Database Converter by the way.It doesn't matter if he run it alone or with the upgrade wizard.
  3. Yes i know both are the same.
  4. After upgrade all avatars were gone for me i was able to fix it by running this via phpmyadmin. UPDATE core_members SET pp_photo_type = 'custom' WHERE pp_main_photo LIKE '%profile%' I recommend you to do the upgrade like i said and you should not override.
  5. First run IPS Database Converter after this step is done create a directory and move all files from your document root into it.Than move public,uploads and conf_global.php to your document root.Now you can upload all files from the zip archive and run admin/upgrade.
  6. I've switched back to xenForo.I've been using xenForo since years so it feels more comfortable for me.
  7. I liked the notification feature most of all it's amazing.I switched because i wanted to try something new and different.It simply feels more modern.
  8. Yes some community software may have different seo scheming.
  9. I had a problem with the redirection script as well it has only redirected if there was index.php/ before otherwise it wasn't the case. Not : Yardimci olabilirim isterseniz
  10. Thank you very much. First i've installed IPB 3.4.7 once i was done with the conversion from xenforo i've upgraded to 4.1. I had some issues after upgrade avatars were gone and redirect links weren't working perfectly. However i was able to fix them. Regarding the names in the menu url they have been removed by Menu Manager.
  11. Thank you very much. I wanted that everyone have a overview and don't need to scroll down.
  12. Hello, I'm very happy with the progress that has been done today i've switched my xenforo community to IPS 4.1.I also fixed some issues byself and all looks good now. My community is accessable under Here and if anyone would like to switch can reply here so i can help. Regards
  13. That was the issue definetly.I tried multiple ways but it didn't worked.
  14. I converted my xenforo board on my test site from 3.4 and upgraded to latest version after but it hasn't been fixed.
  15. Hello, As a developer i've looked into this issue and wanted to fix the avatar issue there was only a small error. Just run the following command via phpmyadmin ; UPDATE core_members SET pp_photo_type = 'custom' This has worked for me and should also work for you as well. Regards
  16. Could you add as next xenforo please would be great
  17. It's not without any issues.There are some issues like all avatars gone look at here https://community.invisionpower.com/topic/421804-i-would-like-to-switch-but-i-cant/
  18. Hello, What is the current status of 4.1 converters when will they available ? Many of us would like to switch to 4.1. Regards
  19. You can try to override your current installation and than run the upgrader.
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