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  1. armypolice_UK

    Social & Contact Sidebar

    @CinemaVision it would be nice if there's an option to make the icons and random links and pick what side you want the social bar
  2. armypolice_UK

    Market Place

    is it possible in the invisionpower marketplace and downloads area to assign staff members to download like xenforo?
    Very good plugin very nice
  3. armypolice_UK

    Clear Notifications

    great plugin recommended
  4. armypolice_UK

    [HQ4] Badges

    very good addon although there's sadly a badges limit when assigning the badges to groups/members i have 10 and it wont let me go past that shame it can't be unlimited for big communites or businesses other then that i recommended this addon to anyone who's looking for a good badge addon it's certainly worth its money as its impressive
  5. armypolice_UK

    Member Lists Pro

    @fosters the updated version still doesn't work with i get this while its enabled
  6. armypolice_UK

    Favorite Browser?

    chrome with its addon's and its speed
  7. armypolice_UK

    Member Lists Pro

    @fosters its not working it needs updating
  8. armypolice_UK

    (GS) Server List

    Love it problem is games like battlefield when you click "click to connect" it just refresh the website
  9. armypolice_UK

    Auto Welcome

    its very good recommended addon
  10. hey man have you done a member tagging system like 3xx but for ips4?

  11. armypolice_UK


    Hello will IPB3 be still suported and active or will it be taken and invision power 4 will take over?