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  1. @CinemaVision it would be nice if there's an option to make the icons and random links and pick what side you want the social bar
  2. is it possible in the invisionpower marketplace and downloads area to assign staff members to download like xenforo?
  3. also @StevenT_505811 acp ---> Members ----> administrators also shows you who has administrator access as an user or group and you also have the logs and to check the moderators acp ---> Members ----> moderators and its same as administrator
    very good addon although there's sadly a badges limit when assigning the badges to groups/members i have 10 and it wont let me go past that shame it can't be unlimited for big communites or businesses other then that i recommended this addon to anyone who's looking for a good badge addon it's certainly worth its money as its impressive
  4. @fosters the updated version still doesn't work with i get this while its enabled
  5. @fosters its not working it needs updating
    Love it problem is games like battlefield when you click "click to connect" it just refresh the website
    its very good recommended addon
  6. add the image from your computer or mobile device or url then " Drag files here to attach, or choose files... " that's for computer or mobile device images "insert other media" for url then it should work
  7. i get that sometimes with chrome too but i just refresh my browser and its okay!
  8. hey man have you done a member tagging system like 3xx but for ips4?

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