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  1. how long does it take for people to show up on the queue logs? because i have it set at queue but if i don't know whos linking their discords it makes it difficult to accept them. also in this image, it says give all members on the discord a role but when i select the role and save its not actually giving anyone the role? is their a list exactly that shows in the AdminCP whos all linked there discord account to the website?
  2. https://gyazo.com/d4816e91cc8d3ccdc2a59c12b00d5dab im getting this error while trying to link the discord not really sure what to do, and how can i make it just a clickable invite for people to join without having to link there forum account?
  3. i am not seeing the option to make my own invites, the button is not clickable and i dont see any settings giving people permission, do you have a video tutorial?
  4. @Mike John Having problem with the settings on the mod, Once i select everything i want i just get this error
    a much waited for plugin and it works amazing
  5. On my boards the points reset on the 1st of each month but what about the side bar and points page why do they not update to show the new totals for the week/month?
  6. Is there anyway to delete entire groups private messages?
  7. Can you add an option for once the points reset on x day the top points for the week/month/all time resets?
  8. for the top points in a week and month
  9. The points high scores isnt accurate as a lot of people have more points then the current list it does not appear to be changing
  10. whens the next update expected for this mod?
  11. Where do i find the settings for the mod? i have installed it but i cannot locate the area where i can edit settings.
  12. Any idea when the next version will be released?
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