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  1. thank you dear NenaDice finally i found the solution: 1. [HSC] Topic Template System 2.2.2 2. Extra Forum Entrance Permissions/Settings
  2. thanks for replying but i'm not an amateur :) 1. no, i want a group of members to just be able to reply to topics for determined number, for example max 10 reply in forum1 for each topic and 20 reply in forum2. 2. i mean a custom field for topics where member start a new topic and that value shown in their topics not in member user info.
  3. hi everybody, i have searched a lot but couldn't find any solution or modification in ip.board. So the following proposals could be innovative ideas. 1.there must be a way to set limitation for a specific user group at specific forums for topics' reply. 2. Like the custom fields in the WordPress, we should design a field for a forum which users must have to fill it up and after publishing their topics, that values appear in topic. sorry for my bad English...
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