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  1. So it's about time for an update... We're putting the finishing touches on adding the following features to the sidebar: It now remembers if it's hidden and won't reappear with each page refresh. It now can be hidden or shown for mobile browsers. Support for 6 new social networks have been added. There are now two styles (squares, circles) to choose from. We've added counters! Facebook Twitter Google+ YouTube Vimeo Dribble Instagram 500px Twitch
  2. Hey there! If it's working on all pages of the default theme, and not working in an installed theme, you'll need to reach out to the developer of your theme and have them standardize their theme.
  3. There aren't really any permissions that need to be changed from the default. The sidebar is visible to everyone when it's installed. In the past, when I see issues with things displaying on my site, the problem resolves when I clear the site cache from the AdminCP. To do that, browse to System > Support > Support in the AdminCP. Now click Something isn't working correctly, and hit the Continue button. When the checks run, your site cache will be cleared.
  4. Hey there! Thanks for the purchase! Make sure that you set your social sites in the plugins settings. The buttons remain hidden by default when they have no values entered in the settings.
  5. Which plugin was the culprit? That's a fair point about small screens. Would a setting that disables the sidebar on mobile be what you're looking for? Users can always hide the sidebar by clicking the top button.
  6. Hey there! What version of IPS are you currently running? It's possible (but unlikely) that other plugins are conflicting with SCSB, what other plugins do you have installed? I've seen in the past where clearing the site cache fixes issues like this, so run the support wizard and choose Something isn't working correctly. You'll also want to make sure that the plugin is Enabled.
  7. We haven't started new development on Social & Contact Sidebar yet. Once we've finished other commitments, we'll be adding this and a few other features in.
  8. Sure can, what do you want to know? Including the features in the new version, Advanced Downloads has a lot to offer. Gives users the ability to group multiple files in a download and stream them to the user as a compressed archive on-the-fly with no additional storage requirements Apply the Advanced Downloads functionality to specific categories in downloads, gallery albums, and even to specific forums Administrators can choose to include or exclude those categories and forums selected, which makes configuration painless Specify groups that will be able to use Ad
  9. New update, and thanks to @Joel R for spreading the word! We're still having trouble with hooking into Amazon. The only way we've been able to engineer it to work is to have it download the files to your web server first, and then package them for download. We can't get Amazon to allow us to archive on the fly, which sucks. We're going to keep plugging at that. We're pretty well finished with the newest release, and have added one very big feature since the last update that we're polishing now. Advanced Downloads now includes a fully featured queuing system. Full disclosure, the two sites
    Fantastic plugin with tons of options. Would be even better if the Element IDs could be comma separated (i.e. ipsLayout_header, ipsLayout_body) to allow for multiple elements. Great work!
  10. One update... Amazon is not being very kind. It's actually easy to get working if we pull the file down to the local webserver and serve it up that way, but that defeats the purpose. We're trying to find a way around Amazons restrictions so we can stream the file from AWS directly to the end user. In short: It's not working the way we want it to work, but we're still working on AWS support.
  11. That's a great idea, and I'll add it to our list of features to add. Thanks for the suggestion!
  12. Right now, we're working on fixing the CSS for some of the different options, so we have it set to the specific styles and options that we're having issues with. Here's what they look like, and the icon size, font sizes, and the image preview size are all configurable in settings so you can customize the look. The issue we're working through involves the default image behavior. We were having CSS issues when images were embedded. Instead of embedding, it's trying to attach them. The icons are set from Font Awesome based on the extension of the file you attach. Top Icon Top Icon (sho
  13. For those of you interested, I wanted to share one of the features we're currently working on that will be available in the next release of Advanced Downloads. There are several improvements and features being added in, including different styles for forum attachments, forum attachment sorting, AWS support and more. The feature we'll be previewing today is menu modifications for the Downloads sidebar menu. First up, we made the default IPS menu collapsible. Then we decided to add one more style for launch, this is a mock-up of that style. Also included are several oth
  14. We have plans to eventually add a number of custom links, but currently you can almost accomplish this just by changing the link, icon and color to whatever you want. The only thing you can't currently change is the tooltip on hover. The tooltip will still be for one of the social sites, but everything else can be customized. You can already pick which side you want the sidebar to be on.
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